The final eye filler

And so it’s time to return to horizons known, to familiar eye fillers, friendly faces and my freezer drawer of Lincolnshire food oddments in London.

Back to the meander of the Thames

The meander of the Thames

The blog was a way of recording not only the retina bending sights I happen to feast my eyes upon in the towns, cities and villages that make up the constellation of these 3 months , but also some of the quirks, idiosyncrasies, thoughts and at times, perspective tweaking incidents that lay around the edges too.

Bangkok street seller

Bangkok porcelain seller

It became a way of chatting to my friends and family when time differences wouldn’t allow, it passed long train rides across boarders, bus journeys over mountains and boats to new shores. More importantly it was a place, I hope, for you to sit beside me in my amusement along the way.

Auckland harbour,  Thailand's morning train, Luang Prabang tuk tuks

Auckland harbour, Thailand’s morning train, Luang Prabang tuk tuks

There are a lot of posts still sitting in drafts, my Going for Gold style quiz ‘Which traveller are you?’ nor my analysis on how Captain Cook has similar views on puddings as myself will never see the light of blogging day.

Hoi An

Hoi An

However there are many musings on the facets of these hours spent across the curve of the world that remain unwritten here; a myriad of sights, evenings spent under the stars, wanderings and wonders that, like the many people on their own journeys and whose paths happen to cross with mine, filled my eyes and made my time so fulsome. They are noted and safe elsewhere.

Now, excuse me as I repack my processions and hoist these Kgs upon my shoulders one last time. Eyes full. For now.

Oh this? Just something I slung on.

Oh this? Just something I threw on.

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