The tale of the miscellaneous roadside stop offs and other stories volume 1

I grew rather fond of Newport Pagnell services station, I’ve never really felt that way about a roadside stop off before. It meant I was nearing the murky depths of my then South London home and a rest for my pushed-to-the-limits Citroen Saxo (which was 80 mph before the steering wheel would start shaking) down the M1 from the flatlands of the shire. But you can keep your coffees, conveniences, outside decking and water feature Milton Keynes. Roadside stops offs are a different beast in NZ.


Mrs Jones' real fruit icecream

Mrs Jones’ real fruit icecream

Pancake rocks

Pancake rocks

Cromwell's apples and inspired town strapline

Cromwell’s apples and inspired town strapline

Lake Tekapu's rock church

Lake Tekapu’s rock church

Arrowtown's Autumn

Arrowtown’s Autumn