Getting wrecked

I got greedy with the ocean, all 78% of it on this planet, but it’s the stuff inside that lures you in. It was as if the Advanced Open Water Course had packaged up my weaknesses and  offered them up  on a watery flipper; wreck diving around HMS Sattakut , deep diving to 30m and night diving; the sea, the stars, boats, and abandon treasures.

I left Koh Tao with another badly photographed ID diver card, a new index of fish and sea slugs to catalogue and a slightly delusional sensation after 9 dives in 5 days.

20140326-090617.jpg 20140326-090626.jpg 20140326-090647.jpg 20140326-090711.jpg

2 thoughts on “Getting wrecked

    • I WISH I could take photos underwater, I will assemble a top tem sights from the seas for you on my return, get the gin stocked, we are in for a long night x

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