Buddha Surprise

With the group tour umbilical cord firmly cut, my (still very) pasty plates took to the Bangkok streets again with 1 rule- no Tuk Tuks, just a paper map.

So naturally I did what any self respecting wanderer would do and flashed the world’s largest gold Buddha. I was not aware of this until a high pitched ‘excuse excuse’ hit my ear space from a rather distraught official as I entered the temple to sit and gasp at the biggest ratio of gold to retinas I had probably encountered yet. Covering up any peek of leg or is standard when in front of the big man Buddah, so far so Wat, but having a buttoned back top I hadn’t encountered there may have been a mis-firing blighter and unknowingly disrespecting a whole religion, fortunately the Thai lady did the honours. In the interest of equality I did have a look at Buddha’s back which, incidentally, was pretty naked.

Golden Buddah Bangkok

Golden Buddha Bangkok

Buddah fact time:

Largest golden buddah image in the world
12 feet 5inches in diameter
15 feet 9inches from base to crown
Weighs 5.5tons
Worth £ 28.5 million
Over 700years old

Originally the buddah was completely covered with plaster to protect it from those pesky invading armies. When moved in 1955 the ecclesiastical commission had what must have been and I’m confident remains the most elaborate kinder surprise moment; cracking the plaster and discovering a pure gold figure. For once, egg shaped white and milk chocolate layers did not win out.


Where as this woman...