Fix up, look sharp

I have had a taste for what I can only imagine how Penny Crayon felt in her brief cartoon life. Hoi An is the epicentre of tailoring, quick fire, skilled up tailoring, fully bustling with tourists getting suited and booted, wedding dressed out and bespoke tailored up. Three of us worked a slick operation,  haggling a three shirt one dress bargain. After picking fabric and flipping through the catalogues ( a mixture of western celeb and lifestyle magazine cut outs stuffed in folders) I decided to draw my own. This was lunchtime Thursday and at 9am Friday we we’re kitted out in made to measure clothing treats.

Apologies for bathroom selfie, will post all our wares when I next bump into wifi.


From paper to pick up


Overheated, but tailored and overheated

In other news, my freckled skin is verging on a new leopard based Cheetara spotted pattern. Apart from my back, which is Brit-abroad crimson, after cycling down to and spending the afternoon frolicking in the waves of the Vietnamese sea.


Oh hi melanin

(Bobby- please note your rucksack secured to the bike basket)


Cycling down to the beach in Hoi An

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