We all know that elephants are the big mamma of the pregnancy world with a 2 year deal and you can tell their age by their ears, I think Yvette Fielding of Blue Peter taught me that in the late 80s, so after riding an elephant here’s some facts I discovered myself.

  • Elephants have very hairy faces
  • Their ears can whip your calves with some force,  however it’s gentler than a Laos massage (N.B. Never get a Laos massage)
  • Their skin feels like the last few dates in the tray at Christmas
  • Baby elephants are really naughty and can break your legs if they want to
  • Having an elephant squirt water on you in the river is considered an honour ( OK I made that bit up to soften the blow of having an elephant squirt water on me in the river)


    Elephant strolling

Baby elephant

Baby elephant aka leg crusher

Snacking and strolling

Snacking and strolling